Welcome to my website about writing! I will be discussing various aspects of the writing craft, as well as books that intrigue me and that I think you will enjoy as well.

Since I began this site, I have published my first novel, a thrilling mystery for teens.

About the Book

Claire is an outsider from the city who has been sent to live with her grandmother in small, dull Holly Springs, Mississippi. At least, she thinks it is dull until she hears Ralphie’s story of a murder the adults are trying to cover up because such things just do not happen in their town. However, several years earlier, Ralphie’s brother had climbed over the fence one night and seen the grave! That was just before the vicious dogs that belong to the shotgun toting, crazy lady attacked.

Claire decides at once that she and Ralphie will solve this cold case murder. Naturally, the people of Holly Springs do not like an outsider poking around in what is not her business. In solving the murder and uncovering some other mysteries and secrets along the way, Claire and Ralphie find themselves in big trouble.

While Claire struggles with the pain of not being accepted by many in the town, her parents write to her from Kenya about their experiences as medical missionaries. In a parallel plot, Claire learns a young Kenyan who works with the medical group and wants to be a doctor someday is accused of stealing a diamond necklace simply because he is an outsider

If you would like to purchase this book, click this link.  Contact me. E-mail: mdcommunicate@live.com


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